Capital Campaign

Fundraising Capital Campaign

Simply put, a Capital Campaign is an intentional, extended process for a nonprofit Institution or organization.  The purpose is to solicit major funding above its normal annual budget.

Common reasons to undertake a Capital Campaign include new or renovated facilities, endowment support, program and staff expansion, or even initial organization launch.

$1 Billion Raised for Nonprofits

A successful campaign can transform an organization and pave the way for its success for decades to come. An unsuccessful effort, however, can cause lasting damage throughout any nonprofit and its surrounding community. Carlton & Company can build on your unique strengths – and overcome your specific challenges – to design a Capital Campaign that sets a feasible goal and then successfully meets or exceeds it.

You may forecast the need for a capital campaign in the next three years. On the other hand, avoiding proper planning can delay needed expansion and maintenance.  Unfortunately, the delay will come with a price tag far greater than your annual budget supports.

Whether your path to a capital campaign requires a long range approach or a short term action plan, Carlton & Company can guide you safely and efficiently from beginning to end.

Initiation of Capital Campaign Fundraising

A capital campaign starts by “getting the homework right.” That means more than crunching numbers and showing slides. It requires best practices and in-depth training to support your staff and volunteers. Capital campaigns include 24/7 assistance and as many on-site days needed to succeed. Carlton & Company will help ensure your capital campaign goals are supported by hard data and real donors.

Above all, your capital campaign requires close attention to every detail, especially to your unique circumstances that deserve tailored solutions. If your nonprofit does not have a large development staff, Carlton & Company can help simplify and complete the hundreds of complex tasks every campaign brings.

Your capital campaign may incorporate leading-edge tools, such as online and device-based giving. Your key to ultimate success, however, will rely not only on new technology but on effective face to face conversation. Even when websites and texts help convey your message, the decision to give to your cause still represents a deeply personal decision by every donor.

Effective Capital Campaigns

An effective capital campaign will solicit support for your unique project, from your equally unique group of stakeholders. Carlton & Company will provide a proven framework to move your campaign forward as quickly as practical, with sensible additions and wise adjustments wherever needed. Any consultant can analyze numbers and produce graphs. Carlton & Company produces results.  Hence, we provide your Staff and Volunteers with unmatched support– and treat your donors with unparalleled tact and sensitivity.

Carlton & Company looks forward to earning your trust and guiding your Fundraising Campaigns. Finally, make the right call – for more information, chat live with us now.

Capital Campaign
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