Private Schools Fundraising

Private School Fundraising

Private School Fundraising no longer fits into a single mold.  A school may enjoy a long, distinguished history with an impressive endowment.  But what happens if investments underperform just when long-time donors begin complaining about recent controversy with emails pouring in daily?

What if scholarship funds shrink and applications drop and negative publicity follows in a dangerous spiral?  Is it a temporary blip or a genuine threat to major gift performance?  What about long term viability?

Not all Private Schools have accumulated endowments.  What happens when a school finds itself nearing the end of its first ten-year plan after founding, but the Board that broke ground could not foresee three new competing schools nearby?

How do you move forward with the opposite challenge: when School leadership has charted a wise course and faces a question of whether to expand?  Do we build now or wait longer while watching trends?  Both choices carry benefit and risk.  How can you solicit the solid and reliable information from your donors and stakeholders– with tact and sensitivity required in top-tier development?

We know you must weigh a host of complex factors whenever considering program or building expansion, debt reduction, or endowment enhancement.  We can help. Contact us today.

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