Fundraising for Museums and Galleries

Where do we begin? A single road trip can include World War II museums, car museumsart museums, airplane… beer… toy… glass blowing…  farm… sports…  law enforcement, with an occasional lighthouse museum along the way!  They all show that we care about preserving what we love.  But fascinating collections require more than passion and space; sustaining any museum for the long term requires funding.

If you serve any Museum as director or board member or development professional, your broad job description always includes seeking new ways to boost popularity and support.   Doing so in a small local attraction differs significantly from the same task in a metropolitan tourist magnet.

Instead of tens of thousands of alumni scattered around the globe, museums often rely on a smaller circle of committed donors or a handful of related foundations and subject-matter experts.  Moreover, admission fees no longer (or barely) suffice to keep museum exhibits update and appealing to a new generation used to video on demand.

Whatever your Museum’s size or focus, Carlton & Company can examine your unique donor base and develop a Fundraising strategy that makes sense for your particular theme and locale.

Your museum may be the only one of its kind — or one of many– but no other is exactly like it. You need a fundraising strategy that is just as unique.  Carlton & Company can help.  Contact us today.



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