Community College Fundraising

community college fundraising

After years of faithful service, Junior and Community Colleges are finally receiving recognition they have long deserved.  On one hand, more students (and parents!) are discovering value in a “getting the basic courses close to home.”  Therefore, more are choosing Junior and Community Colleges for their first two years of higher education. With the trend toward more affordable degrees, we predict that enrollment in Junior and Community Colleges will continue to grow.  Whether as an engine for local economic development, or as a high-quality but affordable option, Junior and Community College Fundraising is now paramount in the expansion of these institutions.

On the other hand, how do governing boards and executives of Junior and Community Colleges meet Fundraising challenges that accompany success?  In particular, what happens with increased demand on programs and facilities?  Does your Junior or Community Colleges need new fundraising options?  If your Junior or Community College continues to grow, we have potential action plans and feasibility studies for you.

Furthermore, you may need to scale up your existing operations.  To really focus on problems, does your Junior or Community College Fundraising foundation need training and tools to make the major leap from raising annual scholarships to supporting capital needs?  Hence, on a practical level, that requires a different kind of plan for a different kind of campaign.

Where do you start?  Whatever transition you may face, Junior and Community Colleges Fundraising needs specific, tailored solutions to move forward.  Carlton & Company can conduct the major Fundraising Campaign needed to address your most critical needs.

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Junior & Community College Fundraising
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