Our Advantage Works for You

The Carlton & Company Advantage

The Carlton & Company Advantage has produced hundreds of successful capital campaigns and major gift appeals.  In general, when you choose Carlton & Company, you gain an immediate partner with deep experience, knowledge, and practical know-how.   In particular, you also receive an unparalleled commitment to excellence.  Our firm’s solid 25-year track record has lots and lots of very satisfied clients.

Ensuring Your Success – Carlton & Company will help

  • Establish a functional strategic framework– in contrast to a complicated plan that only gathers dust.
  • Define your vision– coupled with discerning which goals are most feasible and then meeting them.
  • Connect your campaign to long-range organizational goals– more than number crunching.
  • Make the strongest case for your cause– and in the same fashion effectively communicate it to your stakeholders.
  • Create a cohesive fundraising program from beginning to end– including walking with you every step of the way.
  • Identify prospective donors and embrace them– and, equally important, with tact and sensitivity.
  • Educate and empower your Board pursue major gifts– in reality the key to both short and long term success.
  • Train and equip your staff for effective fundraising– especially when they already may be stretched thin.
  • Ensure every donor is properly recognized and thanked– one of the easiest (and worst!) steps to skip.
  • Cultivate long term support– success now lays a foundation for decades to come.

Best Practices & Today’s Technology

Carlton & Company partners with top fundraising-related specialists in the country to produce the Carlton & Company Advantage.   Furthermore, our extended network includes experts in online visibility, case development, solicitation training, lobbying for public funds, strategic planning, organizational development, and leading-edge technology.   With us, you will receive seasoned advice from world class advisers, so that you can move forward on a cost-effective basis.  Contact us now and receive an example of our Feasibility study!

Three Keys to Fundraising Success

Successful fundraising depends on three things: strong volunteer leadership, a compelling case for support, and a promising pool of prospective donors.  With that in mind, we work with you to accurately assess your potential and align these key elements to achieve your goal.  Carlton & Company stresses “getting the homework right.”  Our process minimizes risk to your decision-makers, as we walk alongside you every step of the way.

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