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Carlton & Company advises Universities & Colleges in their full spectrum of needs, from periodic major funding requests to ground-breaking new initiatives.  We know the high stakes involved in every Capital Campaign.  We also understand when a narrow margin for error demands flawless design and execution.  Therefore, with so much on the line, why would Universities and Colleges settle for an off-the-shelf Capital Campaign.  Why choose a plan designed for a different institution?  Hence, we do more than analyze data.  Rather, we spend time getting the homework right, and getting to know your staff and leaders.

Your needs may include new construction, renovation or expansion of existing buildings.  All of these are potential asset-building objectives for capital fundraising.  Consequently, our “best practices” will guide your campaign toward success, and they even can help break bottlenecks commonly encountered in complex public-private partnerships.

Whether you serve a University or College, we understand the challenges you face, and thus, we will bring you real Fundraising solutions to meet them.  Carlton & Company will help you focus your efforts to “make the case” among your existing supporters and reach out to new ones.  Carlton & Company can answer all of your questions and address any critical issues blocking your Capital Campaign Fundraising progress.

Finally, whether large or small, urban or rural, private or public, Carlton & Company will provide you with the right tailored Capital Campaign with a proven and successful plan of action for your University or College.

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