Building Your Future through Successful Fundraising

Building a Future through Fundraising

Building a Future through Successful Fundraising includes three key elements that will help gain traction and drive Fundraising progress. You may be strong in two areas and need support to implement or update the third.  Therefore, we can prevent you from wasting critical time and resources by providing the most efficient sequencing of tasks to meet all your goals.

Capital Campaigns

Carlton & Company offers comprehensive management services tailored to your specific Capital Campaign fundraising needs. From planning through pledge collection, our team will partner with you to provide Fundraising Campaign guidance, “shirtsleeve” counsel, and detailed oversight -– with ALL the necessary nuts and bolts to succeed.  Learn more on how your nonprofit organization can initiate a capital campaign.

Major Gifts Program

Carlton & Company designs major Fundraising Gift Programs that match your staffing so you can identify and secure gifts year-round.  An active major Fundraising Gift Program deepens your volunteer leadership “bench” and eases the transition into any Fundraising Capital Campaign.

Annual Giving Programs

Finally, at the heart of every major philanthropic effort lies an effective annual Fundraising program.  Carlton & Company will review and hone your regular seasonal asking to a sharp edge.  We will strengthen your overall Fundraising development program to put the right pieces in place – including managing costs and maximizing results.




Building a Future through Fundraising
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