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Carlton & Company is dedicated to planning and conducting successful major Fundraising Campaigns for Nature & Science Centers throughout the nonprofit community.  Carlton & Company’s approach avoids the one-size-fits-all model too often used.  Instead, we take the time to understand your unique identity and needs– and the needs of your supporters.  We want to put together every piece of the fundraising puzzle, especially crucial for Nature & Science Centers that must both educate and entertain.

Some Nature & Science Centers require modest but steady funding to promote environmental awareness centered on local geography or landmarks.  Others take a broader view, focusing on global issues with concurrent leaps in budget. But even small science or nature-based nonprofits can help us look out even farther– as your nearest planetarium may affirm!

Whether small or large, focused locally or not on our planet, chances are the Science or Nature Center nearest you sees school buses parked at the curb on a regular basis.  Chances are just as good that it needs more than student admissions to keep the doors open and the lights on.   We love it when children rave about their experience, and we want to get your major donors raving too.

Executives and board members of Nature & Science Centers must juggle diverse elements every day: maintenance and exhibits… science and public relations.  Even when no two days are the same, every day brings a need to take care of what you already own while increasing visitors and support.

Nature & Science Centers need a comprehensive approach to put all the fundraising pieces together, while navigating the sensitivities involved in top-tier development.  Whatever your size, location, or focus, Carlton & Company can help you develop a moving forward plan and a successful campaign to meet your goals.

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