How We Help You Grow

Carlton & Company possesses experience and insight to navigate you through a major campaign to reach your goal..

Fundraising Services


Planning & Guiding Successful Non-Profit Fundraising Campaigns


Carlton & Company Designs, Develops, & Conducts successful Non-Profit Fundraising Campaigns. Our Fundraising Campaigns will meet your most ambitious — and feasible — fundraising goals. Hence, we help manage philanthropy’s many moving parts, from case development through campaign management. Each program is tailored, but the goal remains the same.  We combine traditional bedrock strategies and best practices with today’s leading-edge technology.

We offer comprehensive counsel, from the big picture down to the brass tacks. First of all, whether you are looking to expand your fundraising capacity, make your strongest case for major support, or implement a full campaign from beginning to end, Carlton & Company possesses experience, insight, knowledge, skills and abilities to pilot you as far as you want to go.

Carlton & Company uses personal contact (augmented where appropriate by new technology) to gather and integrate the most accurate information about your potential campaign.  As a result, we distill our data, not simply into a bottom-line number, but also into detailed recommendations to your decision-makers.  Thus, where other firms may provide a number, we provide a step-by-step plan on how to achieve it — complete with practical tasking and an in depth Feasibility Study. Consequently, we stand beside every recommendation, and we stay by your side every step of the way.

Finally, if your non-profit now is forecasting additional or unmet needs, contact us today.  Having initial conversation in early stages can save you critical time and effort later.  Make the right call.  Contact us today.

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