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Libraries occupy a unique place in their communities like no other institution.  Whether public or private, large or small, each library represents a commitment passed down through generations.  But new technologies also add new– and expensive– expectations from patrons of all ages.  Moreover, libraries of all types have experienced tighter budgets, doing more with less while struggling to stay up to date and online and networked.

Maybe your Friends of the Library group has been faithful and diligent with an annual gala and countless volunteer hours.  But now you need more than a new computer; you need a new building.  Even if your municipality provides the land, you are not asking for five figures.  You need seven.   How do you begin?

Carlton & Company can provide you with concrete solutions based on best practices from major public-private efforts that have succeeded in circumstances like your own.

Carlton & Company understands what each library represents to its community.   We know that when a library fades away, something precious is lost forever.  We understand your mission, and we will bring you both long-standing knowledge and new tools to use it.

Carlton & Company can develop a successful campaign plan tailored to your unique library, your specific community, and your best supporters.

If your library desires to move forward into the next generation, we can help.  Contact us now.



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Public & Private Libraries
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