There are full-service crowd-funding campaign management agencies to help raise funds.  However, there are few companies that can initiate multi-faceted Fundraising Campaigns that can do it all. Because of our team’s extensive network and resources, we will easily assist you as you grow your brand, build your infrastructure or purchase equipment needed for your organization. Our holistic, multi-faceted approach, made possible by our diversified team, has resulted in an exceptional service that you won’t find anywhere else.

While highlights vary from webpage to webpage, crowd-funding websites permit nonprofit organizations to set up an internet fundraising campaign on a particular webpage. The page will  accept funds from individuals utilizing the website’s own credit card processing software. We commit to building your campaign from the ground-up. As a result, we go above and beyond our competitors by building a Fundraising Campaign that will meet your needs and goals.

A large number of fundraising websites permit donors to setup pledges for the benefit of philanthropies they want to back.  Others will permit donors to support a wide-range of nonprofits organizations. Crowd-funding sites work best for funding specific projects or campaigns.  Therefore, they do not work well for general fundraising or attempts to get annual giving.

Some websites (like Kickstarter) employ tactics towards producing tangible items.  Carlton & Company believes that Kickstarter is best utilized by charity organizations trying to fund a play or art exhibition. Others (like CauseVox) are particularly for non-profits.  CauseVox implements strategies to support an extensive variety of organizations.


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