Partnerships & Alliances

Carlton & Company’s comprehensive services are made possible through the combined expertise of our Partnerships & Alliances. Here is a representative listing of our service provider partners.

KindStream Media
Our e-philanthropy capabilities are made possible in part through a partnership with KindStream Media. As a result of KindStream’s creative, measurable approach to online media, Carlton & Company provides clients with audio and video benefits that and inspire donors.

CharityFinders enables nonprofits with limited in-house capabilities to quickly and easily build vibrant, interactive websites.  With expertise in the areas of fundraising, event management and volunteer involvement, CharityFinders consequently provides a smart solution for Carlton & Company’s clients in need of technical assistance and graphic design.

Presentation Design Group
Carlton & Company knows that donor recognition is a key part of any campaign, which is why we’ve teamed up with Presentation Design Group. PDG works in a variety of materials to create exceptional donor recognition walls and interpretive exhibits to reflect a community’s spirit of giving that inspire future support. Thus, the result is an enduring centerpiece that honors contributors and showcases an organization’s history and mission.

Donovan Management, Inc.
Donovan Management, Inc. provides volunteer solicitation training and board development expertise. Finally, James A. Donovan, President, conducts interactive workshops and uses his book Take the Fear Out of Asking for Major Gifts as a curriculum guide.

South Street Advisors, LLC
New York-based investment management company South Street Advisors guides nonprofits in endowment management. This Wall Street-affiliated firm maximizes endowment yield because of through proven investment strategies.

Lovett Bookman Harmon Marks, LLP
John Campbell Harmon, Esq., of Lovett Bookman Harmon Marks advises clients on planned giving strategies on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, major gift prospects can use John Harmon’s counsel to examine benefits for themselves and supportive institutions.

For over 30 years, IDC, – the creator of the phone/mail telecommunications program, has partnered with educational, medical and cultural institutions in order to solicit prospects that do not want to meet with Fundraising professionals.

Dina Lyons Design
Dina Lyons Design provides graphic solutions for print and websites, and because of her stellar work, numerous customers have recommended her services.

Quantum Performance Group, LLC
Quantum Performance Group is far more than an executive recruitment and retention firm.  They partner with organizations in building enduring performance excellence.  Finally, by implementing integrated talent acquisition, retention and development processes they are able to staff organizations with the right people with the right skills doing the right things.

Partnerships & Alliances
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