Phoenix Arizona Fundraising

Phoenix Arizona Fundraising

The sixth-most-populated city in the United States and boasts one of its fastest-growing metropolitan areas is Phoenix Arizona. Phoenix offers a proximity to major population centers in the Southwest. This includes Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas.  The city also provides a hub along the Mexico/NAFTA corridor, which provides access to international trade and business opportunities.

Phoenix has a very modern international airport and major highways and railroads. Public transportation through light rail and bus service support the strength of the Greater Phoenix regional’s transportation infrastructure, and therefore, provide a major reason why the city continues to grow.

Diversity is the strength of the economy in Phoenix and reflects the community-wide consensus for business development and quality job creation. Phoenix, Arizona provides an educated, qualified workforce to support companies in the area. Discover what other companies have found in Phoenix and the metropolitan area.

Key reasons companies choose the Greater Phoenix region:

  • Low cost of doing business
  • Strong transportation infrastructure
  • Educated and qualified workforce

Phoenix Arizona has many nonprofit organizations that raise money and perform deeds for many people in need.  For instance, an organization that uses its revenues to feed the homeless or educate children is a non-profit. The organization receives revenue by soliciting donations from the community or selling items to raise money for the cause.

A non-profit does not operate in an effort to build wealth or revenue for the benefit of the owner, directors or shareholders. The main goal of a non-profit is to generate funds and volunteer assistance to help further its chosen cause. A non-profit organization can also act as a publicity vehicle to bring more attention to an issue in the community.

One of the main benefits of running nonprofit organization is that these organizations have an opportunity to assist the community via funds and volunteer work. Because the organization is tax-exempt, it does not have to pay taxes on the money it raises.

Non-profits also have access to government-sponsored and private grants and loans that for-profit companies do not and Carlton & Company can help our clients obtain certain grants.

Finally, Carlton & Company can help guide Phoenix Arizona nonprofit organizations through a major gift or capital campaign.  Contact us today.



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