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Whether you are an institutional or growing or start-up Miami nonprofit, Carlton & Company clients conduct successful seven to nine-figure fundraising campaigns and increase major gifts across the board. If you face major needs with limited – or “stretched to the limit” – staff and volunteers, you need a trusted guide for critical items such as

  • Annual & Planned Giving
  • Fundraising Feasibility
  • Full-service Capital Campaigns

With our experienced senior counsel in Miami, Carlton & Company can serve as your Virtual Development Office, working closely with you to design stunning Fundraising Campaign materials and to cultivate new donors.  Our best practices provide you with extra support, during peak giving seasons and even amid staff turnover.   The sooner we begin, the sooner our moving forward Plan becomes your team’s “on-ramp” to major gifts.  Finally, with a clear focus and smart sequencing, you can see amazing fundraising results.  Contact us now!

Fundraising Coaching

Our affordable Fundraising Coaching can immediately improve your bottom line, increase short-term funds, or provide seed money to leverage.  Furthermore, partner with our experienced Senior Counsel in critical areas where even small moves can produce major benefits.

  • Major Gift Strategies that Work
  • Escape the “Event-Planning Trap”
  • Online Tools that Produce Fundraising Campaign Results
  • HR: When to Hire vs. Outsource
  • From the Annual Appeal to Capital Campaign

Finally, LiveChat with us now and tell us what you need most, and then we then can schedule a FREE first session with one of our Fundraising experts.

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Miami, the Magic City, is the 7th largest city in the United States.  Statistically Miami has lower giving rates than other cities; however, the city has a thriving community of nonprofits, foundations, volunteers, and philanthropists. With its largest nonprofit fair, Philanthrofest, scheduled once a year, it’s an opportune time for donors to become a part of this life-altering world of contribution.

There are also numerous pre-conference events that add further opportunities to get information from businesses, technology leaders and nonprofits, and consequently, they are currently using some of the most advanced technology available today. This is critical because existing and new technology can reduce costs and labor to operate more efficiently and effectively, and as a result, maximize the management of donations.

How do nonprofits make a difference in Miami Florida?
  • First of all, the Miami Florida nonprofit business sector adds more than $12.5 billion annually to the economy, according to a survey.
  • Miami Florida nonprofit businesses account for 76,741 jobs, making it the third largest employment sector in the county.
  • The Miami Florida nonprofits make up 9% of all corporations
  • Miami leads the rest of the state with 11% of the state’s nonprofit businesses
  • The Miami, Florida Hospitals are the largest group in the nonprofit sector, and hence, they have nearly $3 billion in assets
  • Miami Florida’s colleges and universities are second in the nonprofit sector, and as a result, they have more than $2.4 billion in assets.
  • Miami, Florida has seen the largest growth in nonprofit organizations in the Human Services arena

Fundraising remains “mission critical” to all Miami, Florida nonprofit organizations. Conferences, meetings, and networking are fine, but expertise is drastically needed to raise funds for nonprofit capital campaigns and other needs.  Nonprofit organizations in Miami cannot raise major funding on good intentions alone. Due to Carlton & Company’s time-honored approach, they help meet the fundraising goals of every nonprofit. Our successes also depend on having a strategic vision, operational skills, profound sensitivity at the highest levels, and above all, we carefully follow through.

Miami has many nonprofit organizations that raise money and perform deeds for people in need. The main goal of a non-profit is to generate funds and volunteer assistance to help further its chosen cause. Each Nonprofit knows that raising funds is not easy and that’s where Carlton and Company can make a difference. 

Finally, Carlton & Company can help guide Miami nonprofit organizations through a Major Gift or Capital Campaign. Above all, contact us today; we know Miami and have an office there.

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