Memphis Tennessee Fundraising

Memphis Tennessee Fundraising

Memphis is a city in the southwestern corner of the state of Tennessee, and the county seat of Shelby County. The city is renown for its barbecue and blues.   Memphis Tennessee, located on the 4th Chickasaw Bluff, has a thriving business center with lots of nonprofit businesses supporting the city.

Memphis Tennessee had a population of 655,155 in 2012, thus, making it the largest city in the state of Tennessee, the largest city on the Mississippi River, the third largest in the Southeastern United States, and the 20th largest in the United States. This makes Memphis the second-largest metropolitan area in Tennessee, and as a result, Nashville only surpasses this metropolitan city. Memphis is the youngest of Tennessee’s major cities.

The city’s central location has led to a lot of its business development. Located on the Mississippi River and intersected by five major freight railroads and two Interstate Highways, I-40 and I-55, Memphis is ideally located for commerce in the transportation and shipping industry. Construction continues on interstate I-69 and I-22. The city is home to Memphis International Airport and the Memphis River Port.  Memphis is the world’s second busiest cargo airport (following Hong Kong), which serves as a primary hub for FedEx Express shipping.

Memphis Tennessee is the home of three Fortune 500 companies: FedEx, AutoZone, and International Paper.

The entertainment and film industries have discovered Memphis in recent years. Memphis has been the site where numerous major motion pictures have been filmed.  Tourism is a major attraction and millions visit Memphis every year.

Memphis Tennessee has many nonprofit organizations that raise money and perform deeds for people in need.  For instance, an organization that uses its revenues to feed the homeless or educate children is a non-profit. The organization receives revenue by soliciting donations from the community or selling items to raise money for the cause.

Nonprofits do not operate in an effort to build wealth or revenue for the benefit of the owner, directors or shareholders. The main goal of a non-profit is to generate funds and volunteer assistance to help further its chosen cause. A non-profit organization can also act as a publicity vehicle to bring more attention to an issue in the community.

Nonprofit organizations help communities by providing volunteer work and money to complete needed projects. Because the organization is tax-exempt, it does not have to pay taxes on the money it raises.

Finally, Carlton & Company can help guide your nonprofit through a major gift or capital campaign. Contact us today.


Memphis Tennessee
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