As allocations for federal and state non-profits stagnate and decrease, fundraising is becoming increasingly more difficult, and therefore. to make up for a lack of support from previous sources and new donors, fundraising has become an effort in which experts are needed to initiate fresh ideas to effectively raise funding for Capital Projects.  Meanwhile, establishing an overarching plan for fundraising efforts is often overlooked.

The following questions will help to analyze fundraising strategies and activities and help you select those that best meet your needs and that of the community.  Use these questions to evaluate your fundraising effectiveness because the questions will also help you create a set of fundraising guidelines (or help you strengthen the guidelines you already have).

Fundraising Questions 

  1. Please explain the basics of Nonprofit Fundraising?
    • Consequently all efforts should be focused on a clear and communicable goal.
    • We recommend:  Do all the homework.  Make the best case to the right people.
  2. What constitutes the cost for a Nonprofit fundraising campaign?
    • Consequently, we scale our services, often starting “lean” and growing with you!
  3. Does a fundraising strategy give donors options?
    • As a result of years developing well-intentioned fundraising strategies, we have found that Fundraising Strategies should be developed by the Client and Carolton & Company to give prospective donors freedom to exercise their values as they see fit.
  4. Do fundraisers involve incentives or prizes for sales?
    •  It is amazing how powerful these prizes and incentives can be.
  5. How do fundraisers and the projects and programs they support, benefit the community?
    • Due to the projects and programs focused on supporting the community, the funds raised will allow the nonprofit to reach new goals.
  6. Do you provide fundraising for international companies?
    • As a result of years of experience and learning, Carlton & Company is among the finest worldwide.
    • We can provide referrals about our work; so please look at our client page
  7. What services are provided by a Fundraising company?
    • Carlton and Company will provide a fundraising campaign tailored to your nonprofit community and desires.
  8. Explain the Fundraising time frame from start to finish?
    • Because It all depends on the size and scope of the fundraising campaign, the project needs analysis to determine scope.
    • Therefore, give us a call to further discuss
  9. Are there other companies in my area that have hired a fundraising company?
    • Of course there are.
    • Nonprofit companies are always seeking additional funding to better serve their projects and ideals.
    • Call for more information.  As a result, a simple phone call will get you lots of answers.
  10. Where can I find a great Fundraising Company for a nonprofit Organization
    • You came to the right place.
    • In addition, Carlton & Company are among the very, very best

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    Fundraising Questions
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