Fundraising Donations are generated from individuals, families, organizations, foundations, corporations, businesses, and other entities.  The acquisition of Donations provides an expression of support and a donor’s awareness of needs.

Donations enhance fundraising programs and help achieve excellence. Donations are not offsets to appropriated funds or to meet recurring operational requirements. Our fundraising program appreciates the generosity of those who donate directly.  Our Fundraising program appreciates those who work through authorized non-profit organizations that raise funds for the benefit of the non-profit organization

In the Fundraising world, Data and Graphs are NOT the same as putting funds in the coffers!  Some facts appear almost too obvious to mention.  For instance, a power point slide is not the same as cash. However, for major gift fundraising, everyone should keep their eye on the prize and never forget the goal.

Yes, most fundraising or development professionals pour over research and analytics.   We want to know whom we are soliciting and how we are doing compared to the goals we have established.  On a good day, crunching data can provide much needed guidance or correction.

On a bad day, charts and graphs can obscure fundraising results that remain unchanged even in our Age of Information:

**No fundraising actually happens until someone asks someone else for a donation.**

Thousands of work hours and dollars become wasted every week — whenever data analysis takes the place of asking for Donations to support a project.

Appropriate data must support “The Ask” , and in top tier development, someone still has to make the call and request the donation.


Donations & Fundraising
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