Sometimes donations are the wrong thing and also the wrong time to ask for…

We invite you to get our free Capital Campaign Feasibility Study to further understand what complexities you will encounter.  A Feasibility Study will help plan your Fundraising Campaign and ensure success.

We all know that many top tier donors become called on too often.  From the first contact, they may be waiting for a variation of the same pitch they have heard for decades — about needs, vision, buildings and programs.

When was the last time you told major supporters or stakeholders to not bring their checkbooks to lunch?

When was the last time you asked them for advice or gripes or dreams about the organization – asked and really listened – without “pitching” anything?

If we are really daring, we even can ask what have we missed or done wrong or can do better!

Sometimes when we take time to hear their ideas, we also can ask if we can use their names or networks to help fix the gaps.

Of course we will want to update donors and stakeholders on needs and projects.   Maybe synergism works and we can report clear progress (that THEY helped initiate) and thank them for their input.  Of course, we should keep our donors and stakeholders informed and interested in the latest project on the drawing board.  Carlton & Company provides monthly progress reports to inform everyone involved.


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