Fundraising Website Strategies

Enhancing Reach, Performance and Results via iCASE


iCASE, Carlton & Company’s Internet Cultivation and Solicitation program, is more than just a brochure-type website for fundraising support. It’s a combination of unique and powerful online fundraising tools and techniques that enhance reach, performance – and results.

  • Tells your story effectively in a dedicated web environment using the latest interactive web media tools and techniques.
  • Designed specifically to engage and cultivate top leadership and top gifts for capital or annual campaigns.
  • Puts your campaign leadership more firmly in control of the fundraising process and schedule.
  • Provides simple, one-click access to your case for support.
  • Gives solicitors a fundraising tool that’s personal – but not intrusive – in a look-you-in-the-eye- and-ask-for-money kind of way.
  • Demonstrates momentum and commitment from top volunteer and community leaders, but through powerful audio and video presentations.
  • The iCASE™ outreach program puts your story into the inboxes of constituents, and therefore, captures click data that leads to the development of long term relationships.
  • iCASE™ is compatible with the social media applications you may already be using.

Providing companies with a guide and tools to help them obtain contributions is an enormous help and with our experts’ right by your side, there is a winning combination to ensure success.  We look forward to talking to you; so please give us a call today.

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