Because Capital Campaign Names sum up multi-million dollar efforts in just a few words, a Well-crafted capital campaign name can build support among broad constituencies. Poor names, however, can divert vital resources and delay progress.  We invite you to get our free Capital Campaign Feasibility Study to further understand the complexities you will have to overcome, and therefore understand how we can be of great assistance in planning and shepherding you through the process of fundraising

What should a capital campaign name include? That depends on your specific project and donor pool.

No matter what names you may be considering, the best phrasing will become clear only thorough campaign preparatory work. Hence, developing a compelling case for support that is derived from your project and your donors.

A successful capital campaign name reflects a serious, focused message worthy of major support.

Should you develop a concise and catchy message among several well-tested Capital Campaign Names? Yes– and we will work with you to provide a short list of unique campaign names.  These names will effectively convey your needs and invite maximum response.


Capital Campaign Names
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