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When You Are in the Business of Caring

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While all nonprofits help change lives, they also must be solvent and viable.  Countess nonprofits, however, remain closely linked to policy decisions made by town, city, county, and state governments.   For this reason, nonprofit survival can depend heavily on good relationships with those overseeing programs such as zoning and public planning.   With this in mind, our fundraising counsel stresses effective local communication and coordination at every stage.

Some local governments expressly recognize tax-exempt nonprofits as key contributors to their community’s social and civic life.  On the positive side, they understand the value nonprofits bring to the table.  On the negative side, when budgets or tax bases shrink, nonprofits can face tough questions and uncertain futures.

With nonprofit clients throughout the nation, Carlton & Company has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in a wide variety  of settings.  If your campaign requires blending public and private support, we know the challenges you face.   As a result, you may quickly benefit from our insights gleaned from successful efforts in similar circumstances.

Our best practices can help cut red tape, overcome bureaucratic hurdles, and foster positive relationships among all your local stakeholders.  That may in the long run be as important as “making your number.”

Carlton & Company has deep experience in helping nonprofits tap into a wide range of nearby resources — and forging beneficial local partnerships.  If your nonprofit needs to take extra care of matters close to home, make the right call.  Contact us today


Nonprofits – in the Businesses of Caring
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