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Running Capital Campaigns

Capital Campaigns

Capital Campaigns require a complex blend of skills.  These include resources: marketing, messaging, material production, personal cultivation, and process management just to start!  In this era of “download the instructions from the internet” – where should you begin?

First, attempting  capital campaigns “in house” remains a risky move — even when your staff or executives have experience raising large amounts.  In fact, we find that our smartest nonprofit leaders know when to seek wise counsel from the outside.  Especially when it allows an organization to break long-standing bottlenecks and accelerate progress to meet your goal.

Our approach seeks to learn as much as we can about your unique mission, people, and location. Then we can integrate our best practices with your strengths, providing solutions to fill whatever gaps appear in the process. You then get the best of both worlds:  your staff and volunteers are fully supported in their leadership, and our tailored framework saves you from wasting valuable time and money putting a process in place from scratch.

We will provide you 24/7 support, including as much time on site your Team may need, so that your capital campaigns runs smoothly, meets its goal, and strengthens your organization for years to come.



Capital Campaigns
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