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Fundraising Coaching

Fundraising Coaching

Looking to expand your expertise?

Because Carlton & Company has been teaching and providing Fundraising Coaching to executives and senior level personnel on fundraising processes, procedures and strategy, many in the industry consider Carlton & Company to be the top experts in the field.  Therefore, this involves one or two on-site visits per month plus regular phone and email consultation.  Furthermore, the teaching and training sessions focus on the below and other private and confidential aspects of fundraising:

  • Leadership development.
  • Case development
  • Volunteer recruitment and training
  • Major gifts identification, evaluation and solicitation planning
  • The use of online technologies for engaging, cultivating and informing prospective donors
  • Capital campaign evaluation and planning
  • Strategy and process for moves management
  • Best practices
  • Assessment of development operations
  • Evaluation of human resources
  • Evaluation of fundraising materials
  • Managing relationships with fundraising staff, chief executive officers and top volunteer leadership
  • Career counseling
  • Organization of nonprofit goals by type of support
  • Clearly identify the nonprofit target audience
  • Communicate procedures and processes
  • Write an achievable communications plan & calendar
  • Use keywords to attract donors to a website
  • Launch an effective campaign with new communications skills
  • Boost nonprofit donor engagement and retain donors

The Basics

Carlton & Company’s CEO, Bill Carlton, has decades of experience in all aspects of Fundraising and institutional development — including, the planning, execution and management of capital campaigns — offers Fundraising Coaching at the highest professional level.  Due to Mr. Carlton’s busy schedule for the rest of the year, it is recommended that he be contacted as soon as possible to make reservations.  See profile 

Hence, the training program will provide the knowledge, skills and abilities to develop and launch a winning, targeted, nonprofit online fundraising plan.  Thus, the best fundraising plans for non profits need to include online fundraising where individual donors donate to causes featured in your newsletter and website.

In addition, Fundraising Coaching encompasses the use of a Free AdWords account with $10,000 per month of free marketing for nonprofits that are designated as a 501(c)(3).  Therefore, this tool will enable nonprofits to expand their reach and market to thousands of people at basically no cost.

Finally, standard rates for coaching services can be formulated to your needs.  Please call for further information.

Fundraising Coaching
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