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New Orleans Louisiana Fundraising

New Orleans Fundraising

Because, the New Orleans Mayor’s Office of Economic Development was developed to spur the growth of a diverse economy.  This effort creates good-paying jobs and provides equal access to economic prosperity. Hence, New Orleans Louisiana promotes economic growth through several initiatives, development projects and incentive programs.

The City of New Orleans connects people and businesses to opportunities by:

    • Building and leveraging partnerships at home and abroad
    • Training and getting jobs for their workforce
    • Retaining and attracting businesses
    • Providing programs to support equal business opportunities
    • Manages the City’s assets and resources to benefit businesses and nonprofits
    • Takes pride in the City and having a ‘can do’ attitude for businesses and nonprofits to succeed
    • Committing to service businesses and nonprofits
    • Aspires to improve the quality of life for all residents of New Orleans and nonprofit businesses assist in that goal

“The City that care forgot” is proud to announce the launch of Prosperity NOLA: A Plan to Drive Economic Growth for 2018.  As a result, Prosperity NOLA is a living, actionable plan, created through months of data-driven planning that will foster the Mayor’s vision of a diverse, sustainable and prosperous economy for all its citizens

New Orleans Louisiana has many nonprofit organizations that raise money and perform deeds for people in need.  For instance,  organizations that uses its revenues to feed the homeless or educate children. These organization receive revenue by soliciting donations from the community and selling items to raise money for the cause.

Nonprofits do not operate in an effort to build wealth or revenue for the benefit of the owner, directors or shareholders. Therefore, the main goal of a non-profit in New Orleans is to generate funds and volunteer assistance to help further its chosen cause. In addition, a non-profit organization can also act as a publicity vehicle to bring more attention to an issue in the community.

Nonprofit organizations help communities by providing volunteer work and money to complete needed projects. Because the organization is tax-exempt, it does not have to pay taxes on the money it raises.

finally, Carlton & Company can help guide New Orleans nonprofit organizations through a major gift or capital campaign. Contact us today, we know New Orleans.




New Orleans Fundraising
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