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Capital Campaign Planning:

Succeed with Feasibility First

With over $1 billion dollars raised for nonprofits in 25 years, you can trust us to guide and shepherd your Capital Campaign Feasibility Study and Fundraising campaign.  Whether you are planning a first major campaign – or a reoccurring solicitation your donors expect – we will provide you step-by-step guidance.  Therefore, our experienced staff will assist your leadership with key questions and essential tasks to achieve your ultimate goal.

What parts of your Project make the most sense and generate the most interest?  Where do you face unexpected obstacles — and where can we find new opportunities?  As a result, our discreet, respectful process can reach your goal with minimal risk.

How do we discover critical information you need to move forward?  Our unique Feasibility process makes all the difference. Hence, a recent Study copy (downloadable on this page) models our in-depth analysis that will make your campaign a success.

Our Feasibility process includes the widest possible input from stakeholders — based on respectful, personal face-to-face interviews (never mass email or fill in bubble surveys).  Thus, the Carlton & Company approach invests time to learn your unique history, donor pool, and staff/volunteer team.

Finally, we understand your nonprofit work means so much to so many, and you deserve every advantage from the experts at Carlton & Company.  Please give us a call and ask us the hard questions.  We know the Fundraising business and if you want the best at a reasonable cost, let’s talk.

Our capital campaign Feasibility Study process will give you a master Action Plan you can trust — backed up by hard data.  Our clients say our guidance represents the best investment they have made.


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